About Us

Ms. Claudia’s motto “A Posse Ad Esse” (the Latin inscription beneath our coat of arms) means “From Possibility to Reality” — a reference to the origins of our infant thru Kindergarten Day School — Ms. Claudia’s Village Academy, and the vision of the Founder and Owner, Ms. Claudia.

Teaching children to believe in the limitless vista of opportunity that America has to offer, as well as, equipping them to maximize those opportunities is the mission of Ms. Claudia’s Village Academy (Infant thru Kindergarten Day School), where classroom sizes are small.

Our youngest students are exposed to a traditional scholastic program of study, adapted from the curriculum and courseware of our nation’s finest institutions and organizations including, but not limited to: The College of William and Mary and American MENSA.

“Our motto reflects that classic American Can Do Attitude — we want our children to believe not only that they can create their dreams — we want them to believe that they must!” States Founder Claudia V. Cubillos.

Our Mission

At Ms. Claudia’s we are unified in our mission to create the necessary environment to inspire academic excellence, character-building and strong leadership at an early age. Our students will leave our school to meet the challenges ahead of them with confidence and a smile.

Through our mission of providing each student with an elite early education and character-building experience our school, and all its enrichment programs aids in the development of self-expression and empowerment. Through a variety of experiences, each student gains opportunities to grow in self-reliance, independent thinking, and concern for the community.